2016 May Monthly update (+0,9% vs. 1,01%)

potfolio after two months

The second month passed. Let's take a look how did I invested on May. Let's also find out if my portfolio beat the NASDAQ.



On the April 1st I established the NASDAQ portfolio to beat the market. Here is which shares I bought and how are the investment results.

I traded a lot this month:

05/05/2016 3 Tesla Motors shares sold (-11%)

06/05/2016 7 YY Inc shares sold (-9,3%)

09/05/2016 5 Baidu shares sold (-10,2%)

16/05/2016 30 VASCO Data Security shares bought

1805/2016 120 Zix Corporation shares bought

Cutting losses

Portfolio after cutting losses

Weak Tesla's financial data and high risk from China. That's why this article created. I had to cut losses to protect portfolio from bigger losses.

05/05/2016 I sold 3 Tesla Motors shares with 11% of losses. The next day (06/05/2016) I sold all 7 YY Inc shares with 9.3% losses. Yesterday (09/05/2016) I lost 10,.2% after I sold all 5 Baidu shares.


I had to sell all of them to prevent my portfolio from further losses. I lost trust to these shares and I had to get rid of them.


Invested in YY today

YY shares chart technical analysis

Still I've had 40% in cash. That's not how to beat the market. That's why I need more shares for my portfolio. This time I've bought YY Inc shares.

Let's see why I've invested in YY. That's 10 answers about YY.

1. Industry

Communication social platform - Chinese internet.

2. Competitive Advantage

I don't know Chinese social platform very well. They grow really fast so must have a few.

3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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