2 Important Characteristics of Growth Stocks

It's been a while since I set up this website. Since then I've created a portfolio which some specific shares. For sure you noticed that I'm pretty much a growth investor. I'll try to buy only growth stocks. Let me explain what is a growth stock and how to find one.

Revenue Growth

The most important characteristic of growth stocks is a revenue growth. It describes how does it grew. It might (but don't have to) be a sign how it will grow in the future. 

How Many Shares Should I Buy?

I'm not at the beggining of my challenge to beat the NASDAQ market. Now it's the perfect time to answer some important questions about investing strategy. Today I was thinking about how many shares should I buy to my portfolio.

Some factors are very important to consider about this part of strategy.


I don't have much time to follow many shares standings. It takes time to read news and financial standings. That's why I can't buy too many shares and control it.


The 10 Most Important Things To Know About A Company Before Investing

I'm about to buy the very first shares to this website's portfolio. I'd like to buy shares which beat the NASDAQ market. But how to do it? What should I know? I've just prepared the list of the top 10 important things I should know about a company before investing my money. The list will be a base for me to investing in a good companies and beat the NASDAQ.

1. Industry

For me it is the most important thing for the company. I'll try to invest in companies which work in growing industries.

2. Competitive Advantage

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