2016 July Monthly update (+8,1% vs. 5,9%)

The fourth month of investing just passed.

July was terrific for investors. NASDAQ pumped 8% this month.

My portfolio was not such good, but still 6,9% of growth is more than expected. I'm really pleased of July.


One of my shares droped more than 10%. Monotype loses 12,4% so far. I am going to sell these shares. What is your opinion?


On the other hand both Tucows and Ulta Salon earns 28%. That's my shares! Never dreamed about such results.


2016 June Monthly update (+1,03% vs. -0,67%)

NASDAQ dropped after BrEXIT
My Portfolio after june 2016

The third month investing behind me. Let's check the results of beating the NASDAQ market.

This month there was a huge drop on the market. Luckily things are going well back.


This time I hadn't traded any shares in June. I prefer long term investing and my share are doing fine so far. There was no need of change.


Monotype on 29th of June scheduled my first dividend in this battle. I hope there will be much more in the future.


2 Important Characteristics of Growth Stocks

It's been a while since I set up this website. Since then I've created a portfolio which some specific shares. For sure you noticed that I'm pretty much a growth investor. I'll try to buy only growth stocks. Let me explain what is a growth stock and how to find one.

Revenue Growth

The most important characteristic of growth stocks is a revenue growth. It describes how does it grew. It might (but don't have to) be a sign how it will grow in the future. 

2016 May Monthly update (+0,9% vs. 1,01%)

potfolio after two months

The second month passed. Let's take a look how did I invested on May. Let's also find out if my portfolio beat the NASDAQ.



On the April 1st I established the NASDAQ portfolio to beat the market. Here is which shares I bought and how are the investment results.

I traded a lot this month:

05/05/2016 3 Tesla Motors shares sold (-11%)

06/05/2016 7 YY Inc shares sold (-9,3%)

09/05/2016 5 Baidu shares sold (-10,2%)

16/05/2016 30 VASCO Data Security shares bought

1805/2016 120 Zix Corporation shares bought

Cutting losses

Portfolio after cutting losses

Weak Tesla's financial data and high risk from China. That's why this article created. I had to cut losses to protect portfolio from bigger losses.

05/05/2016 I sold 3 Tesla Motors shares with 11% of losses. The next day (06/05/2016) I sold all 7 YY Inc shares with 9.3% losses. Yesterday (09/05/2016) I lost 10,.2% after I sold all 5 Baidu shares.


I had to sell all of them to prevent my portfolio from further losses. I lost trust to these shares and I had to get rid of them.


Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc shares bought

It's high time to expand. That's why I've just invested in another stocks. Today I've bought Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc shares.

You might ask why ULTA? Let's begin with 10 answers every investor should know before investment.

1. Industry

Beauty retailer - products ans services.

2. Competitive Advantage

Strong market position, complexity of products.

3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mary N. Dillon since 2013

Invested in YY today

YY shares chart technical analysis

Still I've had 40% in cash. That's not how to beat the market. That's why I need more shares for my portfolio. This time I've bought YY Inc shares.

Let's see why I've invested in YY. That's 10 answers about YY.

1. Industry

Communication social platform - Chinese internet.

2. Competitive Advantage

I don't know Chinese social platform very well. They grow really fast so must have a few.

3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Welcome Adobe to the Portfolio

I've just invest in another NASDAQ's company. Adobe Systems Incorporated this time.

Let's take a look what's interesting in Adobe. Begin as usually from 10 questions every investor should know.

1. Industry

Software products and services.

2. Competitive Advantage

Creative products, well-known brand, highly-speciatlized.

3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Shantanu Narayen since 2005. Worked before eg. for Apple.


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